Easter Surprise at Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange

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For a change, I decided to post here the special promo code for Easter over at Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange. Yes, instead of the classic egg hunt, I feel that it’s good to hide something special in plain sight instead. So if you’re an active member at Winning Solos T.A.E. and are a regular reader of this blog, consider this a treat! You can now start claiming the Easter promo code given above. (Note: promo code is valid until the maximum number of claims has been reached. So claim your bonuses today!)

Thank for you being an active member at Winning Solos T.A.E.! 😀

Merry Christmas from Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange!

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It’s that time of the year again! First off, a very Merry Christmas from Winning Solos T.A.E. 🙂

Do log into your Winning Solos account today! I’ve added additional credit points just for logging in within the month. Plus, remember to claim your weekly promo code. We’re celebrating Christmas this week so claim your presents from Winning Solos today!


Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange Celebrates First Anniversary

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It’s the first year anniversary of Winning Solos T.A.E. with me as the Admin/Owner. It’s been around for some months before I took over the site. I remember that time I started with just barely 20 members. We’re pushing 220+ right now, but I’ve a campaign to make it to 500! 😀

A year has gone by too fast. I guess that really happens. Since I took over the site, Winning Solos has added two network solos groups — Oz Super Solos and Ultimate Ad Sites. More improvements are still in the works.

I’m still giving away FREE JV Upgrades to the first 250 members! Hurry!

If you’re reading this post and you’re a Winning Solos T.A.E. member, here’s your special anniversary special promo code to redeem: happyanniversary

Keep on reading! Keep on being active at Winning Solos T.A.E.! Happy anniversary to all!

Quick Tips To Get Website Traffic Fast! (Part 5)

The last part of this 5-part series is long overdue.

Let’s have a recap before I share with you the last tip in the series.

Tip #1 Make sure you’re actually tagging your keywords

Tip #2 Add content to your site daily

Tip #3 Procure valuable and relevant incoming links

Tip #4 Be Social!

And now, here’s the 5th tip…….

Tip #5 Advertise for more exposure and traffic

Advertising, when handled strategically, can be used to promote your content and products or services. PPC advertising is often the tool of choice because you control the advertising budget on a daily basis and have the tools to test and track your advertising efforts. Once you’ve honed your PPC ads the return on investment can be phenomenal in terms of traffic and purchases.

For maximum results, create a traffic and SEO strategy. Outline your plan and your goals and then take the necessary action. Take advantage of these five traffic and search engine tips to boost your business.

You may find PPC a bit expensive, esp. if you’re just starting out. What you can do is explore all possible avenues of traffic and promotion. There are hundreds and thousands of online advertising sites that offer free start up. Don’t pass them up. Join the sites and add your promotions. Remember to track your ads so you know which ones work best for you. Then you can focus more on those sites.

It is also important to be consistent in your efforts of promotion. I’ve been caught up in my writing that my site promotion has been affected. I’ve realized that this slowed down my traffic. I will need to get back on track and make amends to my schedule.

If you’re looking for affordable online advertising, try my text ad exchange Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange. Join for free and get start up credits for your promotion. Plus, I’m giving away 250 FREE JV Upgrades so hurry! 😀

Bye October.. Happy Halloween from Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange

It’s that time of the year… be safe and enjoy your trick or treating! Do remember to log into your Winning Solos account to claim your weekly promo code. Guess what’s the code? 😀

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